Learning in Action (2022 – 2023)

APRIL 2023: Aspiration – Year 2

All the children in Year 2 went out this morning for science, to explore trees and wild flowers in the local community. We were most certainly lucky with the sunny weather! The children identified trees by observing closely the shape, appearance, texture and colour of leaves and twigs.


Today, Gary and Anna from Carymoor Environment Centre visited the school to teach us about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle more to live a greener life. Each year group will take part in an interactive workshop to learn more about the impact of our waste on the planet.


KS2 were recently lucky enough to take part in a music workshop, led by Jackdaw Music Education Trust. Our children sang, clapped rhythms and played their violins with the musical ensemble, performing Klezmer music.

Klezmer is Jewish music that originated in Eastern Europe, in countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Romania. A hundred years ago these countries had big Jewish populations who spoke Yiddish and used to play klezmer for weddings and celebrations that involved a lot of dancing.

Due to the events of the Second World War klezmer was almost completely wiped out, but a handful of Jewish folk musicians in America led the klezmer revival in the 1970s, and since then many klezmer bands have sprung up all around the western world. It was wonderful to be able to use our violin skills to play with professional musicians and we loved having so many parents/carers come to watch!

MARCH 2023: Respect
I am beyond proud of our year 5’s who participated in the football festival at Wadham School this afternoon. Some wonderful football played by everybody and lots of lessons learnt too. The children were able to win and lose gracefully and work well as part of a team by sharing the playing time with their peers. The courage and compassion they showed each other during the penalty shoot-outs made my heart feel very full!
A fantastic 2nd and 4th place finish for our teams!

MARCH 2023 – Respect

A MASSIVE thank you to Miss Lock and Mr Down for bringing lambs into School today for the afternoon.
Owl class absolutely loved feeding the lambs and spending time with them. The children used their scientific knowledge from last half terms science, animals and their habitats, to ask some wonderful questions. A very special thank you to Ella, who was able to support Owl class with how to feed and care for the lambs. Ella was also able to answer any questions that the children wanted to know.
MARCH 2023 – Aspiration
Chaffinch Class have beencooking foods from the Mayan culture.
The Sopa de Lima soup was not too popular, however the corn salad wraps were enjoyed.

MARCH 2023 – ASPIRATION National Careers week.
Some of our year 5 school councillors met on TEAMS with other schools from the Chard and Ilmister partnership. The children were encouraged to think about the job that they might like to do when they are older. The children were challenged to think about gender stereotypes and their associated job roles.