Are you a Carer?

NHS definition – A carer is anyone, including children and adults who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support 

If this is you, there is help out there. Please see the link below to The Mindful Life website which offers free support to carers. 

If your child is a Young Carer

The definition of a Young Carer is: if you are under 18 and look after someone by providing substantial and regular care that persists over time and is important in maintaining the health, safety or day-to-day well-being of the person cared for and the wider family. 

The types of tasks being carried out are often regular and substantial, which would usually be associated with an adult. The term does not apply for everyday and occasional help around the home that may often be expected of or given by children in families. 

This could be helping to care for a physically disabled parent or sibling, or a parent experiencing mental ill health, alcohol or drug misuse. The caring role would usually be having a detrimental impact on the young person’s development, such as difficulties at school, emotional difficulties or social isolation. 

If you feel your child is a young carer, please contact the school office to update your child’s profile. You can access support for them via Somerset Young Carers